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Recon vs Hummer

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I have a Hummer SUV reservation. It looks like it's not set to be built until winter/spring of 2024. I'm wondering if a Recon build date wouldn't be too far behind that. I'm still deciding which way to go. It seems they will be fairly different beasts. I do like the glass removable top on the Hummer, but I just got a 392 with SOT top and I really like how easy it is to go open air in it.

It seems like the range on the Recon will be better. That may be what decides it in the end for me. Another thing that could decide it, is when the time comes to put in the Hummer order at the dealer I selected. If they try to charge some crazy ADM or if they won't sign on a price before the order goes in, I'll walk on the order and my decision will be made.
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Hmm, I just found this article:

"When the doors and roof are on, greenhouse glass will continue giving the cabin an airy and open feel."

That could imply that the Recon top will also be glass-type even on the top part (like the Hummer will be). I've seen some pics of them with SOT type top as well though. Interesting to see where they land with top options.
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